An experiment: Scavengers

I’ve finished my first two conversions for gretchin scavengers. As you can see, I’m not really skilled with greenstuff and I’m still having my difficulties.

The weapons are supposed to be web pistols.


Italian space cops

Respetti le donne e fammi un macchiato! I’41869179_10205155671889591_7284293915887271936_nve finally finished the (currently) final five brood brothers. They’re supposed to be part of an extra cheesy-looking squad of SPACE SWAT policemen, which the old rogue trader imperial soldiers were almost perfect for.

Come closer and see what they all look like now. The thumbnail here is just a wip. I’ve later on added wash and they look a lot less “thin your paints!” now, imo. See what the whole squad looks like!

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The Brood Brothers

The last piece I’d like to include in my genestealer cult are 20 brood brothers. I’m planning to use various miniatures and I hope they will not look too unlike. As you can see, I’m also going to implement some rogue trader necromundian imperial soldiers. I’m currently trying to get the old paint off, which is surprisingly hard. It seems the previous owner used some special paint which isn’t bothered at all by spirits, even after one week!
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Tut Amon – a strange witcher.


What mysterious dark figure wanders yonder?


A strange person indeed, clad in a crude robe, as black as the skies high above the towering gothic spires all across town.
Alas, the wanderer does not arrive alone!
For on his paths and in the figure’s footsteps tread strange, bestial followers!
With demon-like eyes – they watch!
With pointy ears – they hark!

The twisted words, told through a high-pitched voice, turned weak, turned wrong, turned almost silent by age. A coarse, excruciating voice.

Oh, strange are the words indeed! forbidden magick! Beware the wanderer!

They say that psykers are men (and sometimes dare I say women?) of deranged character and of strange talents and odd powers. With their sick minds, they try to control the sick witchcraft of the warp……

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After noticing how awesome tarantula heavy weapon platforms are, I just had to build one. As usual, I’ve been using trash. Pieces of sprues, glued together, a juice lid and one of those enormously huge new round bases. Looks perfectly 1980s if you ask me. The armour plate was a leftover piece from my halftrack-chimera-hanomag, but can easily be made with cardboard too.  As usual, everything’s a bit rough, but that’s good enough for me.


I finished the three nightgoblin fanatics I’m planning to use as bommer squigs, since they were easier and cheaper to get than squigs and because I’ve always liked the idea of nightgoblin fanatics.  To my surprise, there were also two snotlings and one mini-squig included in the sprue! Needless to say I am going to make use of that as well 🙂
As a matter of fact, I’m already working on it. Considering I paid around 10 Euros for all of this, that was actually pretty good value imo. There’s still some bits left on the sprue as well. All in all, a really neat kit. Though the fanatics are still ill-balanced, but then again,  how do you balance out miniatures with poses like that?)