DIY Gretchin orky artillery


As I am getting closer and closer to completing my gretchin scavenger army, I now had to deal with the artillery – which is just the same artillery you’d get from codex Orks. As I’ve never played Orks before, I still kina have to get my head around these strange weapons. I figured I’d best try and get one of each, but I somehow don’t feel like getting the original models. Instead, I decided it’s more fun to just come up with something by myself. I had one old toy gun left, which I immediately put to use with some juice lids for wheels and some bits of a sprue. In order to prevent the thing from tipping over, I’ve also attached a nut on the back end. I similarily glued some rests I had leftover together and put half a biro into a torn up kinder egg, adding some putty and some runherd bit. Again: Lids for wheels. But the one I like most is the last one. An old bottle of paint, some screws and another lid.

Now which is which?
I’m hoping everything can be easily identified. Though nothing looks like the originals, I tried to keep some elements of the originals. The toy gun is supposed to be a traktor kannon. The grey trashcan egg thing is supposed to be a smasha gun and the bottle of paint is meant to be a shokk attak gun – or rather a shokk attak kannon, in this case)

No pulsa rokkit yet, and now splatta gun. I’ll add them in the future though.
Now all I’ve got left are some more mekaniks, 10 rocket gretchin and building more tanks and – more importantly – some transporters. I decided to try and scratchbuild some.

For the time being though I’ll do something else.

Space dwarf biker dudes

Five brave bogatirs I’ve painted. They can now be put into use as BIKES.
I got them from ramshackle games, which offer various parts and miniatures made of resin, which are great for coming up with lots of different variations on the space dwarf biker thing. These particular ones are going to be used as TRIKES. Which means, I’ll haveĀ  to come up with some way to put some heavy weapons on the backs of these bikes.

Gretchin scavenger units pt1 and plot outlines

After a bit of work, I’ve finally finished the first 15 or so gretchin scavengers and enough swarms for it to make sense. I’ve also had a good old think about a possible and interesting plot for the army, as nice background stories are part of building up one of these toy armies, imo. Click here to see the results of my work, but also the plot outline.

There’s detail shots of each unit in this blog entry.

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further ideas for gretchin scavengers

More brainstorming about gretchin scavengers!

Besides regular gretchin units, I am thinking of having gretchin scavenger units of 10-30 gretchin scavengers. They are in about what the Jawa are in star wars. In other words: Nightgoblins with guns. I’m trying to model on some gimmicks onto them too. That is, belts with pockets, ammo belts, possibly gasmask thingies and/or goggles. Though they will hide their faces, which is a bit of a shame. Goblin faces are awesome.

Gretchin scavengers with web pistols and grenades.
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