Musya! Yat’ 4

After fiddling around way too long, I finally figured out how to do sponsons AND how to attach them properly to the model.  Musya is the first of three count as Leman Russ tanks for use with the planetary defence force of Garamunt. I decided to make it vehicle of the VIIth Garamunt by the designation of yat’ 4.
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The first new troops after the hiatus

This is what I’ve finished since my return. I’ll have another break of about a large week and then I’ll probably be right back to it.This will be some pretty needed new meat for the space dwarf project. 8 heaerhguards/ironbreakers, 2 exo armoured noblemen, 1 standard bearer/musician and 5 thunderers. I’ve also completed an experimental count as chimera for the planetary defence forces, as you can see in the background.
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More dwarves in space – and tank sponsons wip

This is my current stock of dwarves – I am counting 40 troopers, 9 elites in carapace armour (possibly ten, but missing some parts), 3 elites in exo armour, one complete mole mortar team, 4 troopers (+2 I found later on in another box). That’s actually quite a lot and in a first reaction, I am now in the process of selling most of my old macrocosm dwarves. They’re great, but they are metal and now I’ve got quite a lot of old original gw plastics, so I guess I’ll sell most of them.
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Rhijnvis McDraupnir (Standard bearer)

I got back from Russia and finally got to paint some miniatures again. Yay!
I chose to start with this mini and some forge fathers, which I am going to use as either hearthguards or ironbreakers (cf yellow codex). Rhijnvis supposed to be a poet and musician, also bearing that menhir somehow into battle as a battle standard for the space dwarf force. I’ll put them on a large base later on. Read on for more about Rhijnvis’ backstory.
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VIIth Garamunt

The Valhallans have always been one of my favourite set of miniatures for the imperial guard. Much more than the Mordians, actually. Naturally, I’m going to include some in the Garamunt planetary defence forces. Lead by Lieutenant Tshurkin, the VIIth Garamunt regiment is based on the equator region, which is constantly covered in ice and snow.

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Garamunt 0.2 ideas


concept idea (visualisation stems from the old game “Little Big Adventure”)

As I progress in assembling and painting miniatures (well, planning, actually) and background stories, I have decided to change the background of the world Garamunt in order to make it a more interesting and more colourful place. My idea is to turn it into a world, which is more unusual (and probably really not realistic at all). Think of Mordian: The planet which does not turn. One side is constantly dark, the other is constantly lit up. There is also said to be no winds. My inspiration though is the world “Twinsun”, as seen in the 1994 adventure game “Little Big Adventure” (“Relentless” in the US).

The main joke is that the polar regions are desert regions, whereas the equator is a ring of ice and snow.  What possibilities would a planet like this hold? Additionally, what if one half of the planet is an ocean, but without water?

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